Tutorials / Pet Tags Registration & Ordering Instructions

1. Click “Buy Your Tags” button on the homepage, or “Order Your Tags” from the navigational menu

2. If you have been given a card code, enter it in to the designated box at the beginning of the form

3. (Required Pet & Owner Information)

3.1 Enter your contact number

3.2 Enter your contact name

3.3 Enter pet’s name (be sure this is correct)

3.4 Select at least one photo to represent your pet
(The very first photo will not be modifiable later)

4. (Optional Additional Information)

4.1 Enter the breed, age and color of your pet

4.2 Enter Veterinarian name and phone number

4.3 Enter any important Medical History notes or personal information that may be helpful

5. (Terms & Conditions & Confirming Restricted Information)

5.1 Please be sure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions laid out and check “I Agree”

5.2 Once again, please verify that the provided pet’s name is correct and you are satisfied with the image chosen for the pet’s FIRST image as you will not be able to modify it later.

6. A message will appear at the top of the product page signifying the item has been added to your cart. If this is the only pet you are purchasing a tag for, click “View Cart”

7. Please verify that the information in your cart is correct. Feel free to calculate shipping & handling fees. When you are ready click “Checkout”

8. (Billing & Shipping / Account Creation)

8.1 Please fill out your Billing information & Shipping information if you wish to ship to a separate address

8.2 Be sure to include an Account Username & Password as this is how you will gain access to your Pet & Owner information / interface?

8.3 Lastly, if you would like to provide us with any notes or special instructions please leave them in the “Notes” section

9. When you have validated all the information is correct, click “Go to Paypal” at the bottom of this form.

10. You will now be redirected to paypal, enter your credentials if you are using a paypal account. If you are paying directly from a credit card, be sure to click the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” button underneath the sign in form.

11. After a successful payment, you will be redirected back to our website. Your order details will be presented as well as emailed to you with the provided email address earlier.


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