How it Works

How Does It Work?

Every tag is unique. A QR and NFC code are computer programmed specifically for your pet, with access to a personal web address. Placing a Smartphone on the tag will bring the user directly to your PetSpace©, giving them access to vital contact and emergency information on your family pet, such as name, age, behaviors, special diet needs, and most importantly, owner contact information. You can also access their PetSpace© on the following page by entering in the personalized 7-digit code found on the tag.

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How do I order a QR2 Pet Tag?

You can order a QR2 Pet Tag from the “Order Your Tags” page in the upper navigation bar.
We also provide a very helpful complete video walk-through of the ordering and registration process that
you can watch here:

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What Does NFC stand for?

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication. In pure layman’s terms, NFC is a way for your mobile phone to communicate with something else, be it a tag, card, poster, sticker, tap to pay card reader. It serves as a way to consume information, pay for things or load data onto your phone instantly. Our tags open your mobile’s internet browser and navigate to the pet’s Petspace page automatically and instantly.

Most commonly, smart phones will have NFC enabled by default. If your device doesn’t respond to tapping a tag, make sure it is enabled. Here are some instructions for the most common devices today.

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**Note: Apple devices DO NOT currently support NFC for anything outside Apple Pay. 

If you have an apple device, please refer to This Guide for a complete instruction on how to scan QR Codes via an Apple device. Alternatively, you may also visit This Page and enter in the Pet Code associated with the pet you have found.

What Does QR stand for?

QR stands for Quick Response. A QR Code is a type of 2D bar code that is widely used to provide instant access to information through a smartphone. The smartphone’s owner points the phone at a QR code and opens a barcode reader app which works in conjunction with the phone’s camera. The reader interprets the code, which opens your mobile’s internet browser and navigates to the pet’s Petspace page instantly.

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A fresh and unique pet identification system that is easy to use and cost-effective!


✓ Easily keep your pet’s PetSpace© profile current and up-to-date without having to change the physical tag

✓ You will receive an email alert to notify you when your pet’s tag has been scanned

✓ No extra costs involved, and your customizable PetSpace© profile page is FREE.

✓ Imprinted onto durable plastic that keeps them lightweight

✓ Easy to use, making minimal effort for a “finder” to return your beloved pet home

✓ Available in a variety of colors to match your pet’s personality

✓ QR2 Pet Tags uses the modern technology of QR and NFC codes

✓ Sleek and waterproof design that is easy to keep clean

✓ A safe and secure database for all your pet’s information

✓ Security feature to determine what information viewers can access

✓ Any Charity or Organization that registers for the QR2 Pet Tags program will receive $2 for every initial pet tag that is purchased through their organization.


The PetSpace© website has a sleek and easy design that makes it a breeze to navigate. You can create, change, edit all of your pet’s information and even decide what can be visible for visitors to your Pet’s Page. There are fields available to provide information on owners, like contact for multiple persons or multiple phone numbers. You can provide health information like Veterinarian contacts, medications, or allergies. You can also post a picture of your furry family member! Important tracking and identification information can be kept here too, like microchip numbers, registration, and license information.

Keep the page as a personal file to keep your records and you can choose to limit what information the viewers see. The viewer data should be information that is important for persons to know about your pet should they be lost and found, or with a pet-sitter. If you were unable to be reached, someone could easily scan your pet’s QR2 Pet Tag and have all the information necessary to properly feed and care for your pet until you could be reached, or to find adequate alternative care, such as your family Veterinarian or Pet Daycare.

How does NFC work?

NFC can be activated in the Settings app on your phone. Placing a Smartphone on the tag will bring the user directly to your PetSpace©,giving them access to key information on your four-legged friend, such as name, age, behaviors, and most importantly, owner contact information.

Are all QR Codes the same?

No. The popularity rate of usage for QR codes has risen quite significantly that other manufacturers have now developed their own versions of similar 2 dimensional coding. While QR Code readers remain a free resource, it can sometimes be painful linking up the right code to the right reader. With QR2 Pet Tags, you don’t have to worry about that. Our pet tags are written with a universal QR code, making it easy to use with any QR reader.

What is a QR Reader?

A QR Reader is software that “reads” the QR Codes. On mobile devices and tablets, this software would be called an “App” or “Application”. There are a multitude of available QR Readers online provided by various phone manufacturers.

What information can be displayed on the physical tag?

The QR2 Pet Tag will have your Pet’s unique QR Code, your Pet’s unique 7 digit code, and the web address to manually search their Pet Profile.

What information is stored on your pet’s PetSpace©?

One of the most convenient advantages to the QR2 Pet Tag is that it will never need replacing when changes occur. Your stored information can be modified and edited by you whenever you need, and YOU choose what information is displayed to the public.

If your pet goes missing, you can update their file to “missing”, and you can post your pet’s picture and advertise where they were last seen. You can change your information, including change of address, phone numbers and even emergency contacts, and you can do all this without ever having to replace your pets tag. This is all available by simply updating his profile online from the comfort of your own home. Additional information can be provided including dietary needs and medical issues. You can have your pet’s medical history and store their license and registration numbers so you will never have to hunt for that paperwork again.

Why would I want a QR2 Pet Tag?

You want the best for your pet and QR2 Pet Tags is easy, non-invasive, inexpensive, and advanced enough to be accessed by your mobile device and/or internet.
Traditional ID tags have limited space, only pertinent details can be shared on your pets ID tag. Once the information is out of date, you are required to go out, re-purchase a new tag and provide the current information. Repeated purchases and visits to the store are financially burdening, inconvenient and not necessary with the QR2 Pet Tag.

Microchips are an alternative method for identifying your pet. This is a permanent ID, yet not re-usable. There is a costly and invasive procedure involved that includes a visit to the family veterinary clinic for implantation of the chip. And in the case of a lost pet, this chip is not clearly visible to the “finder” and offers no chance for communications between the finder and the owner. There is a huge burden placed on the “finder” to take the pet into a Veterinary Office, Animal Pound or Shelter. The Veterinary Office, Pound or Shelter then has the responsibility for trying to return your pet safely home. This is not an easy task because not all chips are manufactured the same and actually require a variety of readers to accommodate the many brands out there. Should the place that your pet is taken to have an incompatible reader, the chip then has not served its purpose at all, and your pet is not closer to finding his way home.

Internet use is SO common that we have that technology available at our fingertips daily through our mobile phones and tablets. Smartphones have really excelled in communications and people are inspired to use their phones for talking, texting, emailing, browsing, purchasing, starting their car, locking their doors, and even ordering a movie from their cable provider. And with QR Code and NFC usage on the rise, the QR2 Pet Tag makes identifying your pet simple, effective and instantaneous.

What is the difference between a QR2 PET TAG and other pet ID tags with QR or NFC codes?

We are proudly the SOLE vendors of this brand of QR2 Pet Tags in Canada. We are proud to offer our Canadian pets the QR2 Pet Tag Identification system. QR2 Pet Tags is also the ONLY QR and NFC pet tag that gives back to the animal community. With the purchase of every QR2 Pet tag, we donate $2 to a local Animal charity. There are no activations fees, no hidden fees, and no monthly or subscription costs.
The QR2 Pet Tag is optimized for mobile use to help return your pet home faster, and making your pet’s PetSpace© easy to view and navigate from any mobile device.

What do I get with the QR2 Pet Tag?

Every tag comes with its very own unique 7 digit ID code; a unique QR code, and an NFC tag. There will be instruction on how to scan or tap the code with your phone. Upon purchasing, you will have to go to the site to activate/log-in. Then you can begin filling out the information, sharing on Facebook, etc.

Are there any additional costs/fees?

There are no hidden costs. The purchase price is $19.95. Annual Renewal is $5.95 without a new tag issued, and $9.95 with the issue of a new tag. You can rest easy knowing this tag will offer unlimited updated information for your pet always.